Brazilian architect and visual artist, Sandra Crivellaro is influenced by modernism and strongly inspired by fauna and flora. Her conception of the composition is architectural and his consists in seeing nature according to its fundamental forms. It is more concerned with capturing these forms than with the representation of reality and use colors as sensations, as an inner expression of emotion and sensitivity. And with this game of geometric and organic shapes, he creates landscapes, where the various curves of the different foliage explore nature, with a lot of poetry. Her paints without contours and without shadows, so that the colors gently mixed, make us feel as if we are in a suspended time.

Graduated in Architecture and Visual Design, she worked for more than10 years as Graphic Designer and Art Director in some of the largest magazines in Brazil, such as Playboy and Veja.

In 2014, she opened her own design studio, where she starts to develops prints
for the fashion industry and decoration.

Her nomadic studio has already been in Brasilia, Brazil y in Santiago, Chile.
Sandra is now currently based in Madrid, where she has been developingart works,
paintings and exclusive personal projects for clients from around and abroad.

She has worked for clients such as: Adriana Degreas, BRF, Renner,
Santa Constancia, Scarf-me, Doux Brasil, among others.


Arquitetura e Urbanismo - USP, São Paulo/BRAZIL

Graphic Design - IED,  Milan/ITALIA

Fashion Design - IESB, Brasilia/BRAZIL

Master de Visual Design - SPD, Milan/ITALIA